Who is Artzone™?

Established in 2003, Artzone™ Ltd is Ireland’s largest private art school, specialising in the development and provision of best-in-class visual art educational services to children and young people.

What does Artzone™ do?

Working to a structured visual arts curriculum, we organise and teach classes, camps, parties and workshops based on new and exciting portfolios that we develop for each term.

We provide a safe, fun, creative learning environment within which our dedicated, qualified art teachers develop our students’ creativity and technical expertise.

As firm advocates for the case that the visual arts are an essential for a balanced education, we are passionate about inspiring our students, while building their confidence, self-esteem and love for art.

Who are Artzone’s key customers?

Our customer base can be summarised as follows:

  1. Primary schools, where we work with schools to provide extra curricular art classes and  in-school specialist workshops.
  2. Community-based venues within the wider community, where parents can enrol their children attend art classes, camps and workshops.
  3. Children’s art parties.

What does an Artzone ™ franchise cost?

The Initial franchise fee payable is reflective of the opportunity that exists within the defined area under consideration. Different areas may have a different overall franchise cost.

The minimum Initial fee payable is €25,000 for an area development franchise

What is an area development franchise?

Rather than recruiting a significant number of independent unit franchises within a limited territory, the franchiser grants the franchisee (also called the area developer), a territory within which the franchisee agrees to open and operate an agreed number of unit franchised businesses, according to a development schedule agreed between the two parties. The franchisee will need to prove his/her capability to successfully run the business from the initial franchised unit first, before permission for additional units will be granted.

What territories are available?

Artzone™ franchise territories are agreed on a one-on-one basis with successful franchisee candidates. We allocate territories based on population size, the number of primary schools and the total number of primary school pupils within the agreed territory.

How much money do I need to start an Artzone™ franchise?

You will require a minimum of €35,000 investment capital to cover the initial franchise fee and any additional working capital requirements. Franchisees are expected to have a minimum of €15.000 investment capital available without borrowings.

What do I get when I pay the initial franchise fee?

Payment of the initial franchise fee provides for the following:

  • A licence to trade under the Artzone™ trademark and access to our intellectual property, expertise and know-how.
  • Comprehensive training in the Artzone™ business model.
  • A copy of our Operations Manual on-loan for the duration of the agreement.
  • A complete Artzone™ startup franchise pack and support to get you up and running.

What ongoing franchise fees must I pay?

Under the terms of the franchisee agreement, these are:

  • Management services fee of 10% of turnover.
  • A marketing contribution fee in return for central marketing support, set at 2.5% of turnover, net of VAT.

What’s so unique about an Artzone™ franchise?

We operate a proven franchise model, built on key underlying strengths, which offer significant benefits to qualified franchisees.

What does Artzone™ look for in our franchisee partners?

We seek hard working, dedicated people with strong business acumen who are prepared to commit themselves fulltime to the business, have a passion to promote new standards in visual arts education and the capability to build strong long-term relationships with key customers.

It is also important that our franchisees have an ability and willingness to follow the Artzone™ models and are genuinely interested in helping young people develop their creative talent, technical skills, confidence and self-esteem.

How does the recruitment process work?

Initially, we meet the prospective franchisee with our franchise adviser to establish that the prospective franchisee has a clear understanding of franchising and a strong desire, passion and belief to run an Artzone™ franchise to the standards required.

At the second meeting, we discuss the background to the company and share confidential performance information to assist the prospective franchisees to prepare their own business plan.

We then expect our prospective franchisees to return within four weeks for the third meeting, ready to present their prepared business plan to the franchise director. Once both parties are happy to progress, the agreements are signed and the successful franchisee commences training. The franchisee will only be granted the franchise once they have successfully completed the training programme to our satisfaction.

How long will it be before I get my money back?

Franchisees need to be aware that at startup, our business model requires significant on-the-ground activity to develop customer relationships, and identify and secure suitable venues before revenues can be earned through the delivery of classes. The speed at which you will recoup your investment will be directly related to the time, energy and resources you allocate to successfully running your franchised Artzone™ business. The established nature of the Artzone™ brand should assist to achieve speed to market.

Irish Franchise Association Awards - Highly Commended Finalist 2019