About Artzone

Company Background

Artzone™ Ltd is a proven, Dublin-based company that specialises in the development82 b-5911 and provision of high quality visual art educational services to children and young people through classes within primary level schools. Additionally, Artzone™ provides art education outside the schools system, through regular classes at venues within the wider community, art camps and parties. We also provide teenage and adult art classes, fashion academy and portfolio preparation courses for students applying to study art at third level. For more information on all our classes, camps and activities visit our website – www.artzone.ie or check us out on Facebook www.facebook.com/artzone.ie

A Brief History of the Company

Company founder Gillian Blaney Shorte established Artzone (t/a Artzone™) in 2003 to address a growing demand for high quality extra-curricular children’s activities in Ireland. There is a growing appreciation that art and design skills are important in many of the high growth sectors. Busy parents are looking for meaningful classes offering a combination of skills tuition, personal development and FUN. While there are a wide range of structured drama, music and dance classes leading to exams and qualifications, there is nothing like that for visual arts in Ireland, the UK, US, Australia or Canada.

Artzone offers exciting and varied portfolios, designed and delivered by qualified, experienced and passionate Art Teachers. Uniquely, Artzone focuses on both skills and personal development, always with a strong element of creativity and fun. Our services deliver the security of a workshop setting in a warm environment for children to explore, learn and have fun with art.

Artzone Ltd (t/a Artzone™) was established in 2008 to facilitate a major phase of growth and expandion. Artzone™ has been largely self-funding from day one. The business has developed strongly year-on-year and we have always remained true to our core mission to provide high quality art educational services to the widest audience possible.

Artzone™ Mission Statement

At Artzone™ we are passionate about helping children develop their creativity, learn new skills, build confidence and become inspired with a lifelong love of the visual arts. We accomplish this through the consistent provision of best-in-class art education services in a fun yet structured environment, which delivers outstanding results and creates a genuine sense of achievement among students and teachers alike.

Why Choose an Artzone™ Franchise?

Since Gillian Blaney Shorte launched her first classes and camps in Rathfarnham, South Dublin in 2003, the Artzone™ brand has grown into a multi-thousand student organisation.  The Artzone brand is recognised for high quality art education services and excellent customer service.

The Artzone™ Franchise has ambitious expansion plans in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK, and is actively seeking new franchisees to become part of the success story.

Over the many years it has been operating, the business has finely tuned and developed its business and teaching systems. The systems are both efficient and effective, proving itself in both Urban and Rural Schools. One of the key strengths behind the success of the Artzone™ brand will be the solid support network and proven processes in operation.

Irish Franchise Association Awards - Highly Commended Finalist 2019